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Welcome to Dental Care that’s All About You

We’re so happy to have you. As a new patient, plan for your initial appointment to last about 90 minutes. Since it’s our first time working with you, we want to make sure we take our time and learn about you and your unique situation. The appointment will begin with a tour of the office, after which you will be seated in our comfortable and bright reception area until it’s time for your appointment.

Once you are taken back to the treatment area, the assistant will review your medical history. You will have a consultation with Dr. Manning to review concerns and ask any questions that you have about your oral health. We’ll then examine your mouth, keeping in mind any specific concerns that you have.

If there are no emergent concerns, your cleaning will be completed. We also like to offer to opportunity for same-day treatment when our schedule allows. At the end of the appointment, our Concierge will make sure that you understand your treatment plan thoroughly.

YAPI True Paperless System

At our office, we use the YAPI True Paperless System. This allows you to fill out your patient paperwork online or on in iPad in the office and it will be integrated directly into your patient chart. This eliminates the need for manual data transfer, wasted paper, or filling out multiple redundant forms.

Patient Forms

When you make an appointment with us, we’ll send you everything you need in a welcome email!

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