Its 10pm. You just sat down for the first time today. Your face hasn’t been washed. You have a load of clean laundry in the basket that needs to be folded. Then you think to yourself, I have to do this all again tomorrow.

You are a different kind of exhausted.

The last thing on your mind is going to the dentist. You know how I know? I have been that person.

When my daughter was born almost 5 years ago, all of my needs were put on the back burner for an 8lb, spitter-upper that needed my attention 24 hours, 7 days a week.

I have learned a lot of  things in my 5 years of mommin’ hard and I wanted to share one important lesson with you today. Actions speak louder then words. I can only REALLY teach my daughter when I am DOING.

I cannot expect her to be a sweet and kind individual if I, myself, am making rude comments to people and having a bad attitude. Same goes for setting the example of taking care of my health!

I sit at a desk near a waiting room where I see mom after mom come in all day long.

They are ashamed.

They have mom-guilt for taking an afternoon to take care of themselves. Some of them haven’t been to the dentist in a year. And for some its been 10 years. They all have the same thing in common, though: putting others as a priority over themselves.

If we are going to teach our daughters and sons that oral health is important, they need to see us GO. They need to see that its also important for US.

All of us at Solstice have, at one time or another, been in the situation where we were taking care of others with all that we had and forgot our own needs. Which means WE CAN RELATE. It means WE UNDERSTAND. It means WE GET IT.  There is no judgment placed because we, too, have been there.

Solstice Dental provides a relaxing atmosphere. There are essential oils diffusing throughout the office. A blanket is given to you during your visit. A warm, scented towel is given to you after your visit is over. Most of all, we provide a very warm and gentle staff that cares about the person behind the teeth!

To experience it yourself you can call us at 502-434-4004 to schedule an appointment or book online. In the meantime, please watch this video we made as a team. Enjoy!