Pediatric Dentistry

Exams and Cleanings

Dr. Manning loves working with children. At our office, we take our time with children and go through the tell-show-do protocol during each appointment. At a pediatric exam, Dr. Manning will look for cavities as well as any malalignments of the teeth that may indicate a need for early intervention orthodontics.

Dental Cleaning Process

The cleaning process will be quick and thorough, but we will never force a child to endure treatment for which they are not ready. In the event that a child struggles with treatment and also has dental needs that require intervention, a referral will be made to a pediatric dentist that we trust where sedation options can be explored for the child.

A Note About Fluoride: While Dr. Manning does recommend the use of fluoride for protection against cavities, she also respects your right as a parent to make medical decisions for your child. If you choose to forego fluoride, we have fluoride-free products that we can use for the entire cleaning procedure. However, we will ask that you sign a form acknowledging that you made the decision to decline fluoride treatment.


Pediatric (baby) teeth hold space in the mouth and create a path of eruption for permanent teeth. Therefore, it is important to maintain them if possible. While cavities are small, composite restorations (white fillings) may be indicated.


In the event that a cavity extends to the nerve of a baby tooth, a procedure known as a pulpotomy will be performed. Pulpotomies remove most of the living tissue from the tooth and are sometimes referred to as “baby root canals”. The inside of the tooth will then be disinfected and the tooth will be covered with a stainless steel crown.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are silver-colored caps that are placed on baby teeth that have had a pulpotomy or are too damaged to restore predictably with a white filling.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is offered to all children under 10-years-old for appointments that involve more than a basic cleaning. It may also be offered to older children at the doctor’s discretion or the parent’s request.