Desensitization Appointments for Patients with ASD

Children with sensory challenges or attention deficits may find the dental clinic to be a very overwhelming environment. It is an unfamiliar place filled with strangers who are attempting to invade your personal space. Understandably, a child may not acclimate to this environment right away.

Dr. Manning has specialized training in desensitization protocol. Desensitization allows the child to acclimate to the clinic over the course of multiple appointments with the goal being that the child would eventually be able to receive their dental care in-office. There is no set number of desensitization visits, as every child is different.

Not every child with ASD or ADHD is a good candidate for desensitization. If we do not see progress with the process or the child has emergent dental needs, we will likely refer the child to a pediatric dentist for treatment under sedation.