Simple Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes, tooth decay extends to the inside of the tooth and infects the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth. When this happens, it is necessary to remove the infected nerves and blood vessels so that the infection does not spread. After these structures are removed, the empty spaces remaining (root canals) are filled with a biocompatible substance known as gutta percha and the tooth is no longer living.

After a root canal is completed, the remaining tooth structure is compromised and usually requires protective coverage with a dental crown.

When Root Canal Therapy is Needed

While decay is a common reason for root canal therapy, it is not the only reason a root canal may be indicated. If root canal is indicated for another reason, our dentist will discuss it with you thoroughly to help you understand the circumstance as it applies to your unique situation.

A Note About Referring Patients for Root Canals

Often, it is necessary to refer patients to root canal specialists known as endodontists. They will have the equipment and specialized knowledge to handle more complex cases appropriately and efficiently. We care about your treatment and only refer to providers that we trust wholeheartedly. We will communicate with your specialists so that we are prepared when your return to our office for continued treatment.