Composite Restorations

Better known as “white” or “tooth-colored” fillings, composite restorations are placed in a tooth after decay has been removed.

When tooth structure has been lost or compromised due to dental caries (decay), the most predictable way to stop the progression of the decay is to remove the diseased portion of the tooth. Once this is removed, a space is created that must be “filled” with a strong, biocompatible material known as composite.

A Note about Composite Restorations

To date, there is no perfect filling material. However, great care was used in selecting the filling material used in our clinic. After researching the chemical composition of available composite materials to ensure that the material chosen was BPA-derivative free, Dr. Manning researched the longevity and then tested the performance of the remaining materials. Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric EvoCeram was selected. For more information, please read the following unbiased study: Bisphenol A Release: Survey of the Composition of Dental Composite Resins.